26How To Lock Folder With Command Prompt?

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Lock Folder
Want to lock a folder without using any software / password in Windows, follow these simple steps:
  • Go to start> run> cmd
  • In command prompt, Type cacls "path_of_folder" /E /P everyone:n
  • To regain access type: cacls "path_of_folder" /E /P everyone:f
Note: Do not lock C:\ drive using this trick otherwise Windows will not boot next time. I have already explained one more method of folder locking using Batch. You can check it from here.
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26 comments so far:

Anonymous said on 1/03/2012 11:03 PM:

dude i cannot gain access to my folder now please help..

Harwinder said on 1/03/2012 11:10 PM:

To regain access type: cacls "path_of_folder" /E /P everyone:f

Anonymous said on 1/04/2012 9:25 PM:

it shows
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
wat shud i do now

Harwinder said on 1/04/2012 11:20 PM:

it means you have entered the wrong path of the file/folder

your path must be like it: c:\hacked

Anonymous said on 1/10/2012 1:06 PM:

i have entered the correct path but still its showing the same message..
trick doesnt succesfully works .

Harwinder said on 1/10/2012 2:42 PM:

it should work perfectly buddy!! check your command again or mention here what you're entering!!

Anonymous said on 3/14/2012 8:19 PM:

... mr. author you mean..
calcs file_dir /E /P everyone:no

to activate..

to deactivate..
calcs file_dir /E /P everyone:f ? meaning false?
no = false = 0

maybe try this one..

calcs file_dir /E /P everyone:1


calcs file_dir /E /P everyone:y

Anonymous said on 3/24/2012 12:52 AM:

f means full permissions.
n means no permissions

bharadwaj said on 6/03/2012 11:18 PM:

Icalcs "pathname" /e/p everyone:n
it is saying not successfully proceed.
can help u the correct command.

Harwinder said on 6/03/2012 11:59 PM:

@bharadwaj: put space between /e and /p like it: cacls "path_of_folder" /E /P everyone:n


Riyan Tariq Still Alive.. said on 8/08/2012 10:43 AM:

Well the post was really helpfull.... Thanks a lot

Riyan Tariq Still Alive.. said on 8/08/2012 10:44 AM:

Well the post was really very helpfull... Thanks

Anonymous said on 10/14/2012 8:40 PM:

i am also not gaining my folder again
through command
cacls foldername /E /P everyone:f(this also doesnot work)
cacls foldername /e/p everyone:f(this also doesnot work)
cacls foldername /e /p everyone:F(this also doesnot work)
what can i do now????

Anonymous said on 10/16/2012 7:25 AM:

what to do to regain access to logical drive d:

Harwinder said on 10/16/2012 12:56 PM:

@Anonymous: its not foldername, its folderpath after cacls!!

Viveksing Vijay Chavan said on 10/16/2012 6:17 PM:

I am also not gaining access of my folder.
Initially I was able to gain access.
But from yesterday I lost access of my locked folder.
I tried cacls "E:\VIVEKSING" /E /P everyone:f many times.
But its not working.
Please tell me as soon as possible. There are urgent files in that folder.

Harwinder said on 10/16/2012 11:19 PM:

@Viveksing Vijay Chavan: those who are facing problem while regaining access to their folders, contact me via contact form, I will solve their issues via teamviewer or logmein!

Thanks for reading!

Viveksing Vijay Chavan said on 10/17/2012 5:44 PM:

how to get contact form?

Harwinder said on 10/17/2012 5:56 PM:

@Viveksing Vijay Chavan: on the top of the site under menu bar, you will find it!

Aashish Sehraya said on 12/09/2012 6:18 PM:

i wana lock aman foldr in g drive ... then what i should give the command in cmd ... explain plzz....

Aashish Sehraya said on 12/09/2012 6:22 PM:

i wana lock aman games folder in g drive thn plz explain ki kya command du cmd me ..??

Harwinder said on 12/09/2012 6:24 PM:

@Aashish Sehraya: cacls "D:\aman" /E /P everyone:n

Kartik Umalkar said on 3/09/2013 9:06 PM:

i want to lock a folder picography on my desktop wath should i type cmd

Harwinder said on 3/09/2013 9:53 PM:

@Kartik Umalkar: use "cd desktop" in cmd firstly to go to desktop location, then follow the above steps! Thanks

Anonymous said on 6/09/2014 9:09 AM:

i try it again and again please help me

Harwinder Kumar said on 6/09/2014 11:58 AM:

@Anonymous: Hi, can you please specify folder path where are you making changes so I can provide exact command?



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